• Rapid, Reliable PCR Lab Results

    Recognizing that response time is critical, Absolute Diagnostics is committed to rapid delivery of COVID-19 testing results.

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  • Broad Spectrum Toxicology Diagnostics

    Providing superb sensitivity for all molecular species, even in complex matrices, with reliable and robust results.

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  • Advanced Blood Specimen Pathology

    Diagnosis of a broad range of red blood cell, white blood cell, platelets, bleeding/clotting, and bone marrow diseases.

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  • Primary Allergy Testing

    Highly sensitive ImmunoCAP blood testing to detect IgE antibodies to major inhaled, ingested and contact allergens.

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  • Strategic Partnership Opportunities

    Offering partnership opportunities for long term care facilities, primary care physicians, specialists and other physicians.

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Laboratory Services

Focused advanced molecular diagnostic testing and stewardship that leads to absolute outcomes.

Partnership Opportunities

Robust relationships and high ROI for physicians, specialists and healthcare facilities.

Supplies & Equipment

Dedicated to serving the community with laboratory supplies and diagnostic equipment.

What We Deliver

Resources & Results

Rapid Diagnostics & Delivery

Testing reports delivered within 5-12 hours from receipt of viable specimen under Absolute Diagnostics’ control.

First-Class Equipment

Providing supplies and equipment at an affordable cost so you can focus on providing care and compassion.

Broad Spectrum Analysis

Advanced pharmacogenetic testing, comprehensive resistance gene testing and antibiotic stewardship.

Superior Customer Service

Absolute Diagnostics is devoted to meeting your needs on demand, on time and on budget.

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Services & Supplies

Absolute Diagnostics Laboratories

Superior Service Leads to Absolute Outcomes

Absolute Diagnostics is a full-service clinical diagnostic laboratory specializing in Blood, Toxicology, and PCR Testing to medical clinics and long-term care facilities nationwide. At the forefront of our mission is to provide precise and reliable information to assist our clients in providing the absolute best patient care. Superior service means rapid reporting of accurate, advanced diagnostic testing results that enable clinicians to customize treatment plans for each patient knowing molecular pathogen data, resistance gene identification combined with sensitivity and susceptibility data.

Our Passion & Purpose

Superior service through rapid, accurate and reliable reporting.

By Doctors for Doctors

Membership and service to the medical community for 40+ years.

Customer Service Centric

Meeting your diagnostic needs on demand, on time and on budget.